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Basanti Ke Laddoo

Sweets start & mark every Celebration and Joy...

We bring to you a sensational way to continue your joy without worry...

About Us

Multinut & Dates

Our Story

I have a 2 year old who has just begun seeing the world. He enjoys sweets...Be it laddoos or chocolates. He can finish as much is available. Few months back, started having sleepless nights. People at home- parents, in laws, Everyone is a diabetic. I did not want my little one to be anywhere close to that path. So I decided, will put a freeze to all sweets at home. All sweet supplies were cut for everyone.

One day, Ruveer, my 2yr old said "Mumma, Laddoo… I want Laddoo". I chose to ignore. Felt so guilty. "What is his fault?Why should he or others even diabetics be deprived". I asked around... My mother, my mother in law who are great cooks. But no healthy answers... "Beta meethe mein mitha toh daalna hoga". I did not give up and tried over 100 different recipes. Finally, one morning after dropping Ruveer to school tthe magic formula unfolded...Quickly, got into action and the first samples of Basanti Ke Laddoo were ready!!!

Making yummy, healthy laddoos since March 2018... No Sugar, additives, all natural healthy, nourishing ingredients...

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Delivering for Diwali, parties, Marriage and other Occasions anywhere in DELHI NCR

Oats & Flaxseeds with Peanut/ Almond Butter

Our Ingredients

Pure Dry Fruits, Nuts, Oats, Flaxseeds, Honey, Peanut Butter, Dates.. absolutely no sugar added! So yes... You don't need to say no to sweets...just say no to sugar and still satisfy your sweet cravings and treat your body the pproteins and vitamins from a variety of dry fruits and nutsnuts, Omega 3 from Flaxseeds, Fibre from Oats etc. 

Our Laddoos

Basanti Ke Laddoos are not only made out of healthy ingredients, even the process of making is extremely healthy. Gloves are used, best quality of ingredients are used. All FSSAI guidelines are followed. Environment Friendly Packaging material is used...

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